Myths come in all forms from fairy tales to conspiracy theories. Well, just because a few people say that toilets flush in a different direction in the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t mean it’s true. (I know you’re gonna wanna Google that. ha!) Myths about construction equipment rental can be persistent, but believing them might actually cost you money in the long run.

It used to be that people thought renting equipment was a bad way to manage costs and run a business, but that has changed in the last decade or so. Equipment rental has gained in popularity and acceptance to the point where, now, it’s often looked at as being an effective way for companies to stay flexible and profitable. 

Below are three persistent myths about renting:

Myth 1: You Basically Throw Your Money Away When You Rent Equipment

Often, renting equipment becomes a path to owning. As companies grow they may get busy for a few months but feel unsure about whether the extra business justifies a large capital investment, or worry that the extra work might go away. A contractor may also may want to expand into a different type of construction project but feels he needs time to see whether those projects work well with his business model. 

In these cases renting for a season or individual project might save someone from having buyer’s remorse. Being stuck with a large investment in a machine that doesn’t earn that money back is really the worst way to throw your money away! By renting, you can try a machine and know if its capacity and features best suit your needs, and allows you to try other options before committing.

Myth 2: Rental Equipment is Beat Up Garbage

Well, this is not a subtle way of portraying the experience some people used to have with some equipment rentals, especially from businesses that probably aren’t around any longer. Reputable equipment rental companies like West Coast Equipment make sure that every machine is in excellent working condition BEFORE it goes out to a customer. Rental equipment today has often been maintained more regularly than privately owned machines. Regular maintenance is a necessary investment for good rental house so they know their machines are safe and reliable and that their customers will be satisfied.

Myth 3: Rental Equipment has Outdated Technology

Although customers can request machines that have minimal features to reduce costs, today some of the newest and most advanced construction equipment is available to rent. Load sensors and smart device connectivity and more are readily available. Some advanced features can be added to older equipment as well. 

Busting Myths

Old myths die hard.

The fact is that equipment rental can be a brilliant way to manage costs and keep flexibility without committing to a huge capital investment. Renting can allow a contractor to take on specialty projects or probe new types of work. 

West Coast Equipment works hard to insure that its rental fleet is in tip top shape and that you get the features and functionality you need. If you decide you should purchase a machine instead of renting, we can work out flexible financing options for you as well. We are here to help!

Working with your rental company to get you the machine with the features you need at the cost that works for you is exactly the way to bust these myths!