Utility Vehicle: PRO XD 4000D

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The PRO XD provides industry-leading durability, serviceability and safety to deliver a utility vehicle built to withstand the toughest work environments, and ultimately, provide customers with increased durability, lower maintenance costs and improved safety features.


• Heavy-duty driveline components resist corrosive conditions

• Heavy-duty suspension for industry-leading towing and payload

• Kubota® industrial tier 4 diesel engine

• Heavy duty seat material resists punctures and tears

• Heavy-duty clutch improves belt life

• Hard surface jobsite tire for puncture and wear resistance


• 200 hour maintenance interval

• Front air intake for cleaner air ingestion

• Side access to air filter and dipstick for daily service checks

• Digital display with alarms to notify user of critical faults

• 4 same size tires, non-directional for easy replacement

• Common key sets for easy vehicle fleet management


• Speed limited for jobsite compliance

• Orange seat belts and decals for high visibility

• Wider foot wells for easier ingress/egress

• Standard safety features include – Backup alarm

– Horn

– Mechanical parking brake

– Start in park with foot on brake

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