Generators: Atlas Copco Mobile Diesel

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Up to 20 MVA stable power

32 units of the QAS 625 can be linked together in paralleling for specialized applications, providing up to 20MVA of stable and reliable power.

Double runtime

Up to 40-hour fuel tank capacity provides longer runtime between fill ups and optimum site autonomy.

Engines Tier 4F

All QAS generators include the latest Tier 4 Final engine

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Corrosion resistant canopy

1000 hour salt test

Stable power in less than 6 seconds

The starting mechanism ensures that stable power is achieved in less than six seconds.

Dirt and dust. No problem!

All QAS generators have dual stage filtration with a safety cartridge and dual stage air cleaning. This centrifugal dust separation system and heavy duty filtration system prolongs the life of your generator.