Is Prefabrication the Wave of the Future?

The USG + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index (CCI) for Q1 is in for Q1 2018.

The CCI is a quarterly economic index designed to gauge the outlook for, and resulting confidence in, the commercial construction industry. For Q1 the CCI measured the use of prefabricated components to address the employee shortage. Since 65% of small contractors have difficulty in finding skilled workers, they are looking to find ways to do more with less employees and it looks as if prefabrication could be the answer.

According to the CCI, 62% of contractors are using prefabricated components, 89% felt that prefabrications increased onsite efficiency, 85% felt that it improved labor productivity, and 78% felt that it reduced risk.

Other news reported CCI is that most contractors believe that they will see revenue growth in the next year, a slight increase of Q4 2017. And there’s also high confidence in new business growth for the next twelve months, up from Q4 2017.

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How to Succeed in the Construction Business, Part 1

For 30 years we’ve been one of the few independently owned, full-service dealers in California. Over the years, we’ve developed and maintained sales, customer service, and operations systems that have helped us to retain customers for decades and grow our business to include the entire state of California (more about that next month). Over the coming weeks and months we’d like to share with you, in a series of articles, how we’ve maintained our growth.

This month we’re exploring listening to what your customers want versus what you think they want. This means that you not only listen to their questions, but you listen for the question(s) underneath the questions. Once learned, this is a marketable skill you can take to the bank. It’s also one of the keys to maintaining a successful, growth oriented, and profit driven business.

For example, one of our long-time customers asked if we had an operator’s manual in Spanish. If you’re a skilled listener, you’ll notice that there are three parts to this question:

The first part is obvious, do we have a manual in Spanish. We didn’t at the time, so we invested in having one created (call us if you want one or three). However, if we just gave them the manuals and nothing more, then we would have missed an opportunity to provide added value and maintain our position as industry experts.

So the second part of the question centered around their need to provide adequate training to their team.  Taking this into consideration, we now have an opportunity to help our customer with his primary concerns… good training, efficiency, profitability, and safety. To address these issues we are considering creating operator orientation videos in Spanish. Stay tuned for this one.

The third part to their initial question is about employee retention. Many construction companies, especially the smaller ones,  are having a difficult time finding qualified labor. By addressing their employee’s frustrations they position themselves as caring employers, which in turn creates loyalty and helps to increase retention. By providing our customer with the tools they asked for and offering them additional solutions to help them with their business we become a trusted and indispensable partner in their business.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Managing Cash Flow.

Princeton Comes to West Coast

Now you can off-load in tight quarters with the Princeton PiggyBack forklifts. We’ve done our research, and decided that Princeton was best-in-class when it comes to truck mounted forklift products, and it’s a great complement to our line JLG and Skytrak products.

We are carrying the entire line, and since we are one of the only full-service dealers in Southern California, we’re also providing parts and service. Click the picture for more information or call Customer Service at 951-256-2040.

Princeton PB36







Princeton PiggyBack PB45 STM






Princeton PB 45







Princeton PiggyBack PB55+

The Heart of West Coast Equipment

Our in house service department is the heart of West Coast Equipment, LLC.

From full boom replacements, steer axle assemblies and more, our indoor repair facility can handle any job brought in.

Refurbish Your Old Machine: Add years to the life of your machine by having our experienced team of service professions provide a complete refurbish. We’ll repower the engine, detail, and repaint. Contact our service manager John Robidoux today at for a quote.

Carb Compliance: Our current in-house project moves equipment owners into the future. Retrofitting older telehandlers/ reach forklifts with new Tier 3 & 4 emissions-compliant engines is the standard for Southern California. Many new job sites mandate that all diesel powered off-road construction equipment meet AQMD requirements. West Coast Equipment is the leader in this movement for re-powering telehandlers/ reach forklifts.

If you fail to register and comply with all State requirements, you are subject to fines of up to $10,000/day per machine. Your equipment must have a visible E.I.N. on both sides of the equipment.

• Sample of Equipment Identification Number (E.I.N.)
• West Coast Equipment is your one stop CARB compliance center
• Initial reporting, E.I.N. decals
• Fleet analysis
• Telehandlers
• On highway truck
• Gas LP forklifts
• Portable equipment
• Yearly updates and reporting
• TIER 3 & 4 re-power
• Complete overhaul / rebuild

Important: New Regulations that Impact YOU and Your Business

While the global outlook for heavy construction is expected to reach $180.66 billion by 2021 , a growth rate of 7%, here at home there are key regulatory changes that you must be aware of to capitalize on any of this industry expansion.


First, are the new CARB regulations for small fleets. By March 2018 all fleets, including small fleets are required to complete their annual reporting requirement and submit a Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) form. We can help with these forms, but you must sign them. Click here to learn more


Second, are the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Canadian Standards Associations (CSA) updated guidelines regarding aerial work platforms across North America. The Canadian standards were published in May and the U.S. standards will be out soon.


According to JLG, the changes that will affect the owners and operators of these machines will be:

• The need to make changes in the areas of training

• Changes to job site safety such as performing site risk assessments for all MEWP operations, including training

• Machine selection to accommodate the new standards


The good news is that your old machines won’t need to be retrofitted to meet the new standards.


Under the new CSA and ANSI standards, aerial work platforms will now be called mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), and MEWPs will also be classified differently.


At West Coast Equipment we are on top of these change, and will guide you as to the best way you can stay compliant as these new standards become implemented.


If you have any questions, please call us. Our customer service reps are standing by.

Don’t Get Fined!

There are some new important CARB deadlines that you need to be aware of, including an important one for small fleets.

January 2018 Deadline
1. Large fleets (over 5,000hp) and medium fleets (2,501-5,000 hp) must meet the emission performance requirements.

2. Large and medium fleets can no longer add any tier 2 engine vehicles to their fleets.

3. Small fleets (under 2,500 hp) no longer receive double credit for installing a highest level PM Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy (VDECS) to reduce NOx.

March 2018 Deadline
1. All fleets, including small fleets, are required to complete their annual reporting requirements and submit a Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) form. Click here for details

At West Coast Equipment, we can fill out the forms for you but you must sign them. For more information call us at 951.256.2040

Coming Early 2018, JLG 1644 High Capacity Telehandler

You can always count on us at WCE to have the latest JLG equipment on site.

Introducing their newest high capacity forklift, the 1644 due here early 2018!

But you don’t have to wait to buy, you can call us today and save big on a new machine.

We have contracts that give you the right to return for up to 36 months. Call us today.

Key Specs

Maximum Lift Capacity: 15650 lb / 7098.72 kg
Maximum Lift Height: 43 ft 7 in. / 13.28 m
Maximum Reach: 31 ft 1 in. / 9.47 m

Key Features

Operator Comfort – Spacious cab with enhanced visibility, 2-speed hydrostatic transmission and optional boom float and ride control
Operator Confidence – Precision gravity lowering system, soft stop boom control, optional reverse sensing system and reversing camera
Versatility – Integrated tow hitch and a wide range of attachments for more options on the job site
SmartLoad Technology – Automatic attachment recognition and real-time load monitoring for enhanced productivity

Download the spec below