2 Simple Ways to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

Increased operational costs due to unexpected repairs and operator error along with machine downtime and poor utilization can greatly increase your total cost of ownership.

Two easy ways you can avoid both these issues and lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your JLG and Skytrak machines is to:

  1. Know when to replace a damaged foam or pneumatic tire. It happens but keeping an eye on your tires and replacing them immediately when damaged, will maximize your machine uptime and improve job safety.
  1. Avoid ruining sophisticated electronics when pressure washing. This will keep your machine out of the service department for costly repairs.


When To Replace a Damaged Tire

According to JLG, knowing when to replace a damaged tire is one of their most frequently asked questions.

The following guideline will help.

Pneumatic tires: If there are any cuts, rips or tears that expose sidewall or tread area cords in the tire, remove the tire from service immediately. Arrangements must be made for replacement of the tire or tire assembly.

Polyurethane foam filled tires: Remove the tire from service immediately and arrange replacement of the tire or tire assembly when any of the following conditions are discovered:

  • A smooth, even cut through the cord plies which exceeds 3 inches (7.5 cm) in total length
  • Any tears or rips (ragged edges) in the cord plies which exceed 1 inch (2.5 cm) in any direction
  • Any punctures which exceed 1 inch in diameter
  • Any damage to the bead area cords of the tire

If a tire is damaged but is within the above noted criteria, the tire must be inspected daily to ensure the damage has not expanded beyond the allowable criteria.

How to Safely Pressure Wash Your Machine

According to JLG it’s important when pressure washing your machine to:

  • Use a maximum pressure of 750 psi (52 BAR)
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 12 inches away from sensitive and sophisticated electrical components
  • Avoid directly spraying components
  • Limit any secondary water exposure to brief periods to avoid saturation




New Items at West Coast Equipment

At West Coast Equipment we’re always on top of the latest equipment and upgrades. In fact, there’s no better time to buy.


New JLG X1000AJ Compact Crawler (CCB)

Key Specs
Machine Width: 3 ft 11 in. / 1.19 m
Platform Capacity: 500 lb / 226.80 kg
Key Features

Enhanced Reach – Class-leading 56-ft up and over work envelope and 54-ft horizontal outreach
Improved Stability – One-touch, self-leveling, multi-position outriggers
More Power Options – 76V advanced technology 2.0 lithium-ion battery for quiet indoor operation or Kubota D902 diesel engine power for outdoor jobs

“The revolutionary X1000AJ demonstrates JLG’s continued commitment to delivering the industry’s broadest range of access equipment,” said Randy Marzicola, director, channel development for JLG Industries, Inc. “This newest addition to our CCB line allows operators to reach greater heights with increased machine flexibility to navigate more spaces safely.”


Non-Marking Tires

These tires are designed specifically for telehandlers and feature excellent wearing characteristics, while protecting sensitive surfaces from unwanted markings.

The new tires are available as air- or foam-filled and come with a center bar for better wear performance on abrasive surfaces. A non-directional tread means fewer assembly combinations and reduces carrying costs.

“Our new non-marking tires were specifically designed to help our customers do their job more effectively in the field, while lowering total cost of ownership,” said John Boehme, JLG senior product manager, telehandlers. “The tires’ performance characteristics provide superior protection against scuffing and marking on delicate surfaces.”

Additional features include a reinforced carcass to help protect from base lug cracking or shadowing, as well as a reinforced sidewall to protect from impact or puncture damage.


3-Foot Platform for all JLG Engine-Powered Boom Lifts

The 30-by-36-inch platform is available as an aftermarket purchase or on new whole goods orders.

“These new smaller platforms help JLG meet the growing market demand for compact platforms to complete work in tight spaces,” said Bill Dovey, senior product manager, booms, JLG Industries, Inc. “Smaller platforms allow workers to access work areas where traditional platforms wouldn’t fit.”

The JLG 3’ platform is ideal for a variety of applications including construction or repair of bridges. It allows for more precise navigation between the steel and concrete support structures. Additionally, the platform enables access to many applications notorious for challenging access such as those found in petrochemical plants or refineries, cogeneration facilities, stadiums, convention centers, or between spires in a chapel.

As with most JLG boom platforms, this product comes standard with JLG’s popular SkyGuard® enhanced control panel protection system.




What’s Good and New at West Coast

As a premiere full-service authorized dealer of JLG and Skytrak equipment we always have the latest news and upgrades available to our customers.

  1. We now have 33×16 inch Turf Tires for G5-18A Telehandlers. Accoding to JLG, “These tires are designed to be turf-friendly and provide excellent traction and floatation with minimal ground disturbance. “

2.  JLG introduces a new Fork-Mounted Extendable Truss Attachment. The attachment is ideal for metal building erection, setting wooden trusses and putting up post-frame buildings in addition to more “low-rise” applications. It is designed to accommodate a maximum fork size of 2.36 x 7 x 72 inches.

3. JLG has updated it’s LRT series of rough terrain scissor lifts. These model year upgrades are designed to improve the efficiency and operability of these rough terrain scissor lifts. These upgrades will help you get the job done faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

According to JLG

Smoother operation

The upgraded series offers refined platform control joystick operation for smoother and more precise machine repositioning. In addition, control system upgrades provide the system with feedback to improve drive control proportionality. Left and right steer functions now receive renewed digital inputs to ensure a higher level of functionality and improved response for the operator.

Leveling jack performance has been improved to deliver more accuracy and quicker leveling speeds. The leveling jack interface is enhanced by integrating a dedicated leveling function within the current lift/drive switch.

The updated 530LRT model will utilize proportional lift valves for the upper and lower lift cylinders, providing a smooth, controlled proportional ascent and descent. The upgrades also include smoother lift-up and lift-down operation.

In addition to their ability to support larger loads, the LRT series scissor lifts offer excellent gradeability and maneuverability while traversing rough terrain. These types of scissors typically offer 2-3 times the capacity and 3-5 times the platform space of boom lifts.

Improved serviceability

LRT series scissor lifts have been designed with service and uptime in mind. Steel hoods protect components while providing full access for inspections and service. The complete lineup is powered by Tier 4 Final diesel engines, which do not require the serviceable emissions technology found in larger engine systems.

All machine calibrations can now be performed from the stowed position with a single click of the analyzer, and the refined elevation sensor calibration no longer requires recalibration after a software update. All software updates will also improve the customer experience with the upcoming A92.20 compliance. Additionally, all LRT models are now calibrated with the same procedure, which has been simplified to improve serviceability. This new functionality will help customers optimize machine uptime.

Additional features include a 60-degree swing-out engine tray for enhanced access and fold-down ladder and swing-out tray for easier access to engine and hydraulics. And operation and control layouts are the same in the entire line for ease of training and operation.

Improved design

The 530LRT now has the same hood and ladder design as the 330LRT and the 430LRT, and the entire series is equipped with new mufflers, lowering the sound level by 5 percent. Engine noise and vibration levels are reduced by engine isolators and improved door bumper locations. The angle tilt sensor is relocated and rerouted, so it’s less prone to damage as the scissor arms move.


Drone Use Skyrockets in Construction

Earlier this month CBS News reported that “…drone use in construction has skyrocketed by 239 percent year over year, according to a May report on commercial drone trends by DroneDeploy”.

Affordability has made them more accessible and high quality mapping data has made them almost indispensable for some large scale construction companies. In fact, drones are quickly replacing expensive airplanes that have done a similar job in the past, and with drones you get the added benefit of real-time analytic data.

Now drones are moving down market to small and midsized construction companies. So the question is, how can you best utilize this new hypermobile technology on your job site?

According to drone manufacturer, Precision Hawk,  drones along with the right software and analytics can help optimize jobsite reporting,  track jobsite progress and productivity, measure elevation, survey jobsites, and help with security and monitoring. So it’s not just about getting photos, it’s about optimizing your time, safety, and efficiency.

However, if you’re considering investing in a drone you’ll not only need commercial grade equipment, software, training, and licensing, you’ll also need insurance and adhere to compliance regulations.

If you’re a smaller company that could use the benefits of drones, you may want to consider hiring a professional FAA certified drone pilot. We found pilots on Droners.IO with hourly rates that start at $85 per hour.

Here’s to your success!






3D Modeling for JLG Machines is Here!

Technology can help mitigate worker shortages, improve on the job safety, and let’s face it, some of the new tech just makes life more interesting. This includes JLG entering in the BIM market with their downloadable BIM library for some of their Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, and Vertical Lifts.  Currently they offer two types of ISO compliant 3D BIM files (.rfa and .ifc formats).

BIM (building information modelling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that will help you to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Here’s an example of the BIM content library for Boom Lifts from the PDF instruction guide that comes with the downloadable file:

  • All JLG­® Boom Lifts components have been created to allow the height and horizontal reach of the platform; the swing angle, platform rotation, and job rotation to be changed.
  • Visibility control: The visibility of the platform working area and turning radius can be toggled on or off. 
  • Modify the platform height and reach. Within the height and reach combinations, you can select a ‘Transport Condition/Stowed Position.’ If selected the machine will move to its smallest and most suitable position for transportation.

To learn more visit https://www.jlg.com/en/resources/bim-library/bim-files

Featured Employee of the Month

Meet Tony Cerone

Tony is an expert in parts, service, product support, and equipment sales. He is also a JLG certified AWP and Telehandler operator trainer. He is hardworking, helpful, conscientious and always puts the customer needs first.

There’s no competition when it comes to having a great team of dedicated professionals here at West Coast Equipment. Great employees have given us a competitive advantage since we opened in 1984.

Service Specials for June and July

We’re on a National Account. Call us first!

  1. Bulk Tanks of Mobile 424 & 1540. We are on a national account and get great pricing. So call Many, our parts specialist first. You’ll be glad you did! Call direct at 951-256-2040.





2. Save big when you repower your older machine with a Tier 3 or 4 Engine. John Robidoux and his team of experts at West Coast Equipment will help your older JLG, Skytrak, or Gradall machine look and run like new. Meet the new CARB requirements and call today for a quote.



3. Extend the life of your machine and replace your conventional tires with JLG preferred Continental Solid Tires.  Click here to learn more.




Merger with D&D Lift, Inc.

Shaun Flanagan


Now providing service, sales, rentals and parts for JLG, Skytrak, and Gradall telehandlers, boomlifts, and scissor lifts statewide.

Corona, California (June 22, 2018) –Established in 1984, West Coast Equipment, LLC. is one of the only independently owned, full service JLG dealers in Southern California. As a forward-thinking organization, business partners Dave Robidoux, Shaun Flanagan, and Jeff Davis decided to combine their resources and industry knowledge with D&D Lift Inc. and provide service to the commercial construction industry throughout the state of California.

As part of the merger, each company will retain their name, logo, and unique brand identity. According to West Coast Equipment president Shaun Flanagan, “We decided to merge with D&D because we want to expand our footprint throughout the state while remaining competitive. Our customers will benefit from the merger by having more options with the same great service and depth of knowledge that they’ve grown accustomed too.”

West Coast Equipment was founded by the current vice president of sales Dave Robidoux in 1984. He partnered with Shaun Flanagan founder/owner of Horizon High Reach and Jeff Davis also from Horizon High Reach in 2006. When asked about the merger Mr. Robidoux says, “I see our merger with D&D Lift as part of the continuing evolution of our company. It’s a very positive development.”

To learn more about West Coast Equipment, LLC., please visit https://www.westcoastequipment.us

About West Coast Equipment, LLC

West Coast Equipment, LLC is an independently owed, factory authorized dealer of JLG, Gradall, Skytrak and Princeton machines. Established in 1984, they owe their longevity to a combination of great customer service and industry expertise.
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Now Carrying the Full Line of Princeton PiggyBack® Forklifts­

Dave Robidoux


West Coast Equipment LLC. is now providing service, sales, rentals and parts for the Princeton line of PiggyBack® forklifts

Corona, California (June 22, 2018) –Established in 1984, West Coast Equipment, LLC. is one of the only independently owned, full service JLG, Skytrak, Gradall, and now Princeton dealers in Southern California.

Having been exclusively in the heavy construction market, they are now expanding to providing service to the housing construction market. According to founder and vice president of sales Dave Robidoux, “We’ve done our research and decided that the Princeton line of PiggyBack® forklifts was the best fit for our business and for our customers. We’ll be able to provide service, sales, parts, rentals, and warranty, to customers from San Diego to Sonoma Counties.”

Princeton has nearly 30 years of truck-mounted forklift experience. The PiggyBack® forklifts are class 7, low-profile, forklifts that can be easily mounted to a truck or trailer. Perfect for off-loading in tight quarters like a parking structure, the Princeton brand allows West Coast Equipment to grow with their customers diverse equipment needs.

On the heels of their recent merger with D&D Lift, president Shaun Flanagan says, “Both the merger with D&D and the Princeton line will allow us to fulfill the needs our clients throughout the state of California. Our customers have more product options than ever and will still get the great service they’ve grown accustomed too.”

West Coast Equipment was founded by the current vice president of sales Dave Robidoux in 1984. He partnered with Shaun Flanagan founder/owner of Horizon High Reach and Jeff Davis also from Horizon High Reach in 2006.

To learn more about West Coast Equipment, LLC., please visit https://www.westcoastequipment.us

About West Coast Equipment, LLC

West Coast Equipment, LLC is an independently owed, factory authorized dealer of JLG, Gradall, Skytrak and Princeton machines. Established in 1984, they owe their longevity to a combination of great customer service and industry expertise.
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Is Prefabrication the Wave of the Future?

The USG + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index (CCI) for Q1 is in for Q1 2018.

The CCI is a quarterly economic index designed to gauge the outlook for, and resulting confidence in, the commercial construction industry. For Q1 the CCI measured the use of prefabricated components to address the employee shortage. Since 65% of small contractors have difficulty in finding skilled workers, they are looking to find ways to do more with less employees and it looks as if prefabrication could be the answer.

According to the CCI, 62% of contractors are using prefabricated components, 89% felt that prefabrications increased onsite efficiency, 85% felt that it improved labor productivity, and 78% felt that it reduced risk.

Other news reported CCI is that most contractors believe that they will see revenue growth in the next year, a slight increase of Q4 2017. And there’s also high confidence in new business growth for the next twelve months, up from Q4 2017.

Click here to read the full report