Coming Soon to WCE: JLG’s new 10,000-pound class, 8-Story Telehandler

West Coast Equipment is looking forward offering this powerful new machine from JLG. The JLG 1075 is a 10,000-pound class Telehandler with a 75 foot boom that can lift up to eight stories and reach up to 60 feet.

This increased flexibility allows loads to be placed further into the building so that it doesn’t have to be unloaded, then reloaded to place materials near the work area.

This will be a powerful tool for installing HVAC systems and performing tasks that would otherwise need a crane. (see our new sheet material attachment)

The 1075 comes standard with JLG’s Longitudinal Stability Indication and a right side, two-way camera for better visibility and safety.

The JLG 1075 can optionally include “SmartLoad” and a remote controlled boom. This allows for one operator to place the material precisely while outside of the cab without a second operator. The 1075 can accept a wide range of attachments for added versatility.


1075 Telehandler

Key Specs

Maximum Lift Capacity: 10000 lb / 4535.92 kg
Outriggers Up Max Lift Height: 75 ft / 22.86 m

Key Features

Lower Project Costs: Eight-story lift height reduces or eliminates the need for costly cranes
Increase Productivity: 60 ft of forward reach minimizes material rehandling
Experience Precision Placement: 30 ft of up-and-over reach allows for more precise load placement
Use Enhanced Technology: Right side electronic mirror with dual cameras allows you to see more

Download Spec Sheet Here: 1075-JLG-Telehandler-Spec-Sheet


JLG has Expanded its Low-level Access Line

We’re happy to see this great new tool for tight spaces. The new 1030P is manually propelled, offering a 10” 2’ platform height and weighs only 755 pounds. It is compact and perfect for setting up scaffolding up to a height of 16 feet. It has a 550 lb. platform capacity offering plenty of options for tools and materials and as well as many practical and safety benefits over ladders. Optional equipment includes a pipe rack, narrow basket, tool tray and foam buffer kit.


Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 10 ft 2 in. / 3.1 m
  • Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m

Key Features

  • Access More Work: Large 30 x 60 in. platform provides access to more workspace without needing to reposition the unit
  • Improve Operator Comfort: Platform position creates more ergonomic working conditions compared to ladders and scaffolding
  • Carry More Tools and Materials: 550-lb platform capacity increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue
  • Operate on Sensitive Flooring: Lightweight design combined with low ground-bearing pressure makes this machine ideal for sensitive floors and elevators with load requirements

Download Spec Sheet Here: JLG-Low-Level-Access-Lifts

JLG has launched all new 400 Series Hi-Capacity Boom Lifts

Join us to check out these and more at CONEXPO-CON/AGG March 10-14, 2020 This is North America’s largest construction trade show. Yes we will really be there!

The new 400 Series boom models operate in three different capacity zones and are ANSI 92.20 compliant. 

They are hi-capacity models, including the 40-foot JLG 400S and the 46-foot JLG 460SJ. Both come with a 660 lb. unrestricted capacity zone and 750- and 1,000-lb. restricted capacity zones. They feature the 400 Series includes displays which are sensitive to ambient light and adjust their brightness to enhance visibility. They also offer the flexibility to recalibrate the load sensing system without placing a load on the platform. 



  Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 40 ft / 12.19 m
  • Platform Capacity – Restricted: 1000 lb / 453.59 kg
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 600 lb / 272.16 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 33 ft 6 in. / 10.21 m

Key Features

  • Best-in-class gradeability and reach
  • Fastest lift and drive speeds for unmatched productivity
  • Low cost of ownership



Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 46 ft / 14.02 m
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 600 lb / 272.16 kg
  • Horizontal Outreach: 39 ft / 11.89 m

Key Features

  • Improved multifunction capability increases productivity
  • New hood design provides more durability and serviceability
  • Larger capacity at 600 lb

Download Spec Sheet Here: 400 Series Spec Sheet A9220 Compliant

JLG releases Four new Electric Drive Scissors.

West Coast is excited to offer upgraded and new electric drive Scissor Lifts.

The ES series scissors feature electric drives and are modeled after the R series so simplify sourcing parts and maintenance. The redesign includes only 6 hoses which will reduce the chance of leaks, and simplifying servicing over hydraulic drive machines. All the new ES series models are ANSI 92.20 compliant and feature variable tilt functionality allowing them to work on slight slopes safely.

The ES1330L is a new narrow, lightweight 1,984-pound, electric drive scissor. Platform height extends to 13 feet, so this machine is perfect for maneuvering in public spaces including galleries.


Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 13 ft / 3.96 m
  • Platform Capacity: 500 lb / 226.80 kg
  • Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m

Key Features

  • Work More Places: Lightweight for indoor work on sensitive flooring, such as data centers
  • Maneuver More Efficiently: Compact footprint, with industry-exclusive zero turning radius for work in tight spaces
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Electric drive and integrated components with reduced hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings on the entire machine mean increased uptime, as well as fewer leaks and service calls
  • Meet the Newest Standards: Complies with new ANSI A92.20 specifications

The ES1932i and ES1530L are updated versions of their R series counterparts.


Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 15 ft / 4.57 m
  • Platform Capacity: 500 lb / 226.80 kg
  • Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in. / 0.76 m

Key Features

  • Work More Places: Lightweight for indoor work on sensitive flooring, such as data centers
  • Maneuver More Efficiently: Compact footprint, with industry-exclusive zero turning radius for work in tight spaces
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Electric drive and integrated components with reduced hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings on the entire machine mean increased uptime, as well as fewer leaks and service calls
  • Meet the Newest Standards: Complies with new ANSI A92.20 specifications

Download Spec Sheet Here: Lightweight ES Series Scissor Lifts Spec Sheet

The ES1932 can be controlled using the JLG The Mobile Control app. This allows operators to control the scissor in stowed position using their mobile device from up to 40 feet away.


Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 19 ft / 5.79 m
  • Platform Capacity: 507 lb / 229.97 kg
  • Machine Width: 2 ft 8 in. / 0.81 m

Key Features

  • Increased Battery Life: Refreshed design includes electric drive, which delivers up to double the battery life of a standard scissor
  • Time Savings: Standard QuikFold rail system allows operators to fold the rails in a fraction of the time of a standard machine
  • Simplified Use & Service: Standard USB charger and phone holster improve the operator experience, while a high degree of commonality with other JLG® scissors simplifies service
  • More Options: Available as an indoor-only option (ES1932i)

Download Spec Sheet Here: ES1932 Series Spec Sheet ANSI A9220 Compliant

Skytrak Telehandlers now expanded to include 12,000 lb. and 3,000 lb. class models.

We think you could always use a BIGGER Telehander – unless you need a smaller one. Here are two great new offerings that will fit your needs. Come check out all the new gear at CONEXPO this week.

The Skytrak 12054 telehandler is now the largest model in this line. It is rated for 12,000 lbs. and utilizes a single joystick as well as an integrated hitch and boom-mounted lifting lug. This machine is not only powerful, but it also maneuvers well in tight spaces.


Key Specs

  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 12000 lb / 5443.11 kg
  • Outriggers Up Max Lift Height: 42 ft / 12.8 m
  • Maximum Lift Height: 53 ft 2 in. / 16.21 m
  • Maximum Reach: 38 ft 10 in. / 11.84 m

Key Features

  • Reduce Operator Fatigue: Single joystick and integrated arm rest
  • Enhance Operator Comfort: Optional air conditioning for cab
  • Increase Confidence During Load Placement: Stabil-Trak rear axle stabilization system
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Optional 74 hp engine doesn’t require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and meets Tier 4 Final regulations


Download Spec Sheet Here: SkyTrak 12054 Spec Sheet

The SkyTrak 3013 ultra-compact telehandler is excellent for small spaces and has a load capacity of 2700 lbs. It can lift up to 13 feet high and features rear pivot steer and small footprint. The 3013 includes four-wheel drive, two-wheel rear steer and a hydrostatic drive system.


Key Specs

  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 2700 lb / 1224.70 kg
  • Maximum Lift Height: 13 ft 1 in. / 3.99 m
  • Maximum Reach: 7 ft 1 in. / 2.16 m

Key Features

  • Work in Confined Environments: Ultra-compact and highly maneuverable design
  • Enhance Your Capabilities: Excellent reach into truck beds, trailers and over obstacles
  • Keep Your Surroundings Intact: Rear-wheel steering for less ground disturbance

Download Spec Sheet Here: SkyTrak 3013 Spec Sheet FINAL

Dave Robidoux & JLG Partnership Creates Sheet Material Handler Attachment

Our own Dave Robidoux worked closely with JLG to develop the new Sheet Material Handler Attachment for JLG telehandlers.

Dave saw a unique opportunity to better assist contractors with picking and placing sheetrock, drywall, plywood, greenboard, and more. Until the sheet material handler attachment, placing these items was difficult, time consuming, and costly.

The JLG sheet material handler attachment is compatible with the JLG telehandler models 742, 943, 1043, 1055, and 1255. To learn more contact us directly.

New App for R-Series is Here!

For the past two years we’ve been discussing whether to build an app for our customers, but JLG has beat us to the punch with useful apps that you can download right now.

JLG Mobile Control

The JLG Mobile Control app was announces at the ARA show and has just been released. This brand-new app will allow you to use your iPhone to drive the R1932 scissor lift with necessary hardware installed.

Features include:

  • Drive the vehicle
  • Steer the vehicle
  • Horn
  • Stop moving he vehicle
  • Swap between high and low torque.

This app will only support the JLG Scissor Lift “R1932” with remote control option enabled.



JLG AccessReady Mobile App

As you know, all properly trained personnel who are authorized to operate an aerial work platform AWP, now termed mobile elevating work platform or MEWP, must ensure that he/she has machine specific familiarization in addition to formalized general aerial work platform training.

This includes:

  • The location of the weather resistant storage compartment for manual(s) storage
  • Confirming that all required manuals are in the storage compartment
  • The purpose and function of all controls and
  • Knowledge of the safety devices and operating characteristics of the machine being operated. (citation)


This app gives you convenient access to:

  • View your AWP/MEWP familiarization
  • Add AWP/MEWP familiarizations


You must have an AccessReady username to access this app. If you need assistance, please contact us today or visit


JLG Online Express Library

This app offers convenient access to JLG equipment manuals and related literature.

Features Include:

  • Search the JLG OLE Library store and build your personal library.
  • Access your library when offline.
  • Quick view of recently added material and popular content
  • View content in both thumbnail and list views
  • Bookmark frequently used pages.

A JLG Online Express username is required to access the app.


Stick with West Coast Equipment for all the latest news and technology trends.

New R Series Scissor Lifts, Virtual Reality Simulators, and…

At this years ARA show, JLG featured two new R Series scissor lifts, the 2632R and 3246R, and their Virtual Reality Training Simulator for boomlifts.

The training simulator gives operators an immersive experience in a safe environment.

The simulator is the result of a year-long global pilot program that included introductions of the technology at numerous tradeshow events, in addition to volumes of global customer feedback, designed to enhance the experience.

The simulator was developed in partnership with ForgeFX Simulations, which specializes in 3D and visualization software.  (JLG)

New Equipment

The 2632R offers several well-known features of the R Series, with an outdoor capability of 20 feet. This ANSI 92.20 compliant lift allows operators to drive through a single doorway and work indoors at a platform height of 26 feet.

(click here to see key specs)

The 3246R is set apart from the competition as the lightest lift in its class. Also ANSI 92.20 compliant, the 3246R is ideal for applications that require a lightweight machine with a 32-foot platform height.

(click here to see key specs)

These affordable, new R series scissor lifts have been optimized to offer lower part replacement costs over the life of the unit.

The 2632R and 3246R contain benefits common to other units in the R Series, including:

  • A reliable and simple pothole protection system with a single limit switch and harness, along with fewer moving parts for reduced service requirements
  • Easier access to internal machine components for simplified servicing
  • Zero-turn radius, improving maneuverability
  • Variable tilt technology with visual indicator, allows for work on slight slopes
  • Intuitive and comfortable controls that are common within the line
  • An all-steel platform, steel component trays and recessed ground control panel for long-term machine durability

As always, if you need to buy or rent a machine, need help with parts, or you need to service your machine, call us now. We always answer the phone.


3246R Scissor Lift Coming Soon!

New R Series Scissor Lift Coming Soon.

Need a scissor lift today? Call us now at 951-256-2040

Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 32 ft / 9.75 m
  • Machine Width: 3 ft 10 in. / 1.17 m
  • Working Height: 38 ft / 11.58 m

Key Features

  • Experience the Lightest Scissor in Its Class: Lightweight with simplified lift system
  • Tackle Demanding Terrain: Active pothole protection provides increased ground clearance
  • Meet the Highest Standards: Complies with 92.20 ANSI regulations

Let Us Help You With Your ROAR Annual Reporting

The #1 question we’ve been asked by our customers is, “Can you handle the ROAR reporting?” And the answer is, “Yes.”

[Call Shaun Flanagan today at 951-256-2040 ]

What is ROAR? ROAR is a Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR), is a form which is signed by a responsible official or designee stating that In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation (Off-Road Regulation) is accurate and that the fleet is in compliance with the Off-Road Regulation.

Who Needs to submit a ROAR form? The new regulations are that ALL-FLEET sizes are required to comply.

When is a ROAR due? The regulations is that all vehicles that were in fleet as of December 31st of the prior year, needs to file by March 1st of the following year. So for example a ROAR is due by March 1, 2019 for the fleet as it was on December 31, 2012 (citation). 

What’s required to fulfill my annual reporting requirements? Prior to submitting a ROAR, a fleet must verify that their reported information is accurate as of the prior December 31st. Any changes to the fleet that have not been reported during the calendar year, such as Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy (VDECS) installations or removals and engine repowers, must be
reported as part of the annual reporting requirements. (citation).

To complete annual reporting fleets must:

  • Log into DOORS on or after January 1, 2018, and report all changes made to
    the fleet in 2017, including updated contact information.
  • Enter engine hour meter readings for the 2017 calendar year on the “Low-Use”
  • Report engine hour meter readings for vehicles used for agricultural operations
    51-99% of the time [hardcopy form MSCD ISB-145 (REV 4/14)].
  • Submit the Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) form.

How can West Coast Equipment help? We can do everything except sign the document. As the responsible party, you or your designee must sign.

What are my next steps? Call Shaun Flanagan today at 951-256-2040

Click here to read the Annual Reporting and ROAR Reminder for more information.