This month, we’re highlighting Atlas Copco portable compact generators which are designed in two tiers, IP and P tailored for your job site needs. These portable generators are focused on contractors for personal use, who require portable power at a moment’s notice.

iP range, quiet portable generators

When it comes to fuel efficiency, compactness and noise attenuation, iP generators are the future. The variable speed smart control, together with paralleling capability, delivers efficient power with the lowest fuel consumption, adapting engine speed to the load conditions.

– from 46,3 lbs
– silent as 63 dB(A) at 29 ft
– 6 hours before refuelling
– multiple units can be connected
– inverter technology

P range generators

The P range offers high performance, robust design and simple maintenance. This range is ideal for construction, livestock farming, and agriculture, to name just a few industries. These products have been designed at our innovation center to guarantee the highest quality standards.

– from 99,2 lbs
– silent as 70 dB(A) at 29 ft
– 11 hours before refuelling
– AVR electric start

Up to 12 hours before refuelling

Starting from 46,3 lbs

As silent as 63 dB(A)